Social Media

Today’s blog is going to be more of a narration of my personal experience in relation to social media. At the end of July this year I decided to share a photo of my clock everyday to social medias. The photo was the same everyday, it was a clock showing the time I woke up which was everyday around 4:30am.

Everyday I wrote an inspiration & motivational message with my photos as well and continued this routine for around 3 months. I was pretty active too during the day meaning, I was “liking” & commenting on my “friends” posts. Suddenly one night I realized how much time I have spent on these platforms & how unaligned my behavior & intentions are with what I set out my goal to be. I decided to take a break from it & interestingly enough, I was thinking about how can I “share a post” to communicate this message.

After going for a walk with my dog and reflecting on the idea, I decided to abandon ship without giving any notice. Nobody was interested to know about my presence or in fact the lack of it. It was around the same time I found Seth Godin due to researching for books to educate myself on Marketing. I am not even going to say how he influenced me because I have to write a few blog posts about it but to make it short, he’s a genius & you should probably look him up.

I felt better immediately after I decided to abandon & it’s been probably a month now. It certainly is addictive & quitting an addiction usually comes with a lot of negative symptoms but weirdly enough, this was full of positive outcomes. The first being the battery of my phone that now could last for almost 2 days with a single charge. I started reading & listening to books again although it was very difficult to stay focused and read for long periods of time. Now however I find it enjoying and I crave for it.

Soon after a couple weeks into this experiment, I decided to abandon another ship that I had been sailing with for almost a decade. YouTube is the name. I have probably spent weeks if not months watching & listening to YouTube both for educational purposes & entertainment. One of the characteristics of an addiction is that, once you think of taking a break from it you are faced with a lot of worries or alibies not to do so because of the negative consequences. Although I never was a heavy social media user prior to my “clock experiment”, I was a heavy YouTube consumer and throughout the years I wanted to take a break for good but every time I reminded myself of the educational benefits that I could get from it.

It’s been over two weeks now and during this time without YouTube & social media I have both extended the amount of hours I work & have read/reading a number of books. I can focus more now & I do not feel I am missing on any knowledge or experience by not watching YouTube or scrolling aimlessly through the noises of social media.

I did not go through everything that happened & all the pros & cons as a review because there hasn’t been enough time passed however, my main intention to write this blog was to communicate, if you ever decided to take a break from these platforms and had similar thoughts, you are not alone & you are not going to miss much. We have been living without them forever.