Easy Things

Sometimes we postpone certain tasks not because they are difficult but exactly for the apposite reason. If we overcome the resistance & get one or two done, we realize how closer we become to our ultimate aim. If you observe the pattern you realize, that is in fact the very reason why we did not want to do it in the first place.

It is easy to justify being unmotivated when facing a difficult task however, almost anytime we delay the easy task we do it because we are afraid of progress & the hard work it can bring so we might even focus on hard things instead. After all we can always stop & say :

“I am delaying it because it’s difficult to do”

“It will take me a lot of time to do so let’s not push things. there is no room for efficiency”

What do we have to say about the easy things then? we can’t stop & justify therefore we don’t bother to even start. Let’s Go & do the easy thing we know we need to be doing, the world becomes a better place as a result.