Feeling Blue

To me not compare yourself, instead do to yesterday of you
Consider not what tomorrow will be, only yesterday is true

Stick not to your ego too much or you end up feeling blue
Unexamined attachments’ outcome will be a world of goo

Seek the company of those wiser than yourself but remember
Be kind to everyone else from January till the next December

When you are surfing on the waves of Twitter, Facebook or YouTube
Be mindful sometimes after all every master was one day just a n00b

Path of the pathfinder

Path of the pathfinder is what one will avoid
Following others is the answer we are told
Enquired the young man about its possible cost
Items like these were never bought or sold

It might take thousands or millions of ways
One must forget about what he or she says
Dignity & love shall become thoughts & routine
In desperation comes no answer for prayers