Outsider Advantage

A widely popular belief exists among people across different industries which in simple terms is described as such, An individual who does not belong to a certain area of expertise, when exposed to the area in question will have a fresh look & become more creative when dealing with problems compared to the person who is already invested either through education or other means such as work experience.

Hopefully the definition above was self explanatory enough because I am going to introduce some analogies later on. To put it simply, this ideology is nothing but a myth & to go deeper down the rabbit hole, things are just not as simple as they sound. When examples of such individuals with outsider perks attached to them are mentioned, many details are omitted for the simple fact that mentioning them would shatter the bases of the assumptions completely.

An individual is either creative or not. I personally believe we are all creatives who just settled for less because we know how difficult it is to strive for the best when mediocre can be achieved without discomfort. The “is” in the first sentence refers to the state of being in the moment not an absolute & timeless determination.

What is the connection you might ask?

A person who innovates in an industry must have been creative among other attributes regardless whether of being an “outsider”. The attribute of being an outsider does not give anybody any advantage & in fact it should be a sign of warning. A revolutionary individual can either be an outsider or an insider however, An outsider individual is not necessary revolutionary or creative for that matter.

We seem to make these sorts of false assumptions all the time for no other faults of our own. The mass media, mass marketing & advertisement industry are full of them. Consider a famous actor drinking a brand of beer in an ad. How unlikely it is for our mind to not associate these two facts together? Does one causes the other? are they correlated or not? Is it enough to tell ourselves that advertisement don’t work on me, it’s for others?

I personally would love to be challenged on the idea of “Outsider Advantage”. The first thing that comes to mind is when I was a kid & saw a friend playing the guitar so effortlessly and thought to myself, It must be pretty easy to play like him. Little did I know when I picked up the instrument that my assumptions were nothing more than absurd thoughts.