Sometimes things just don’t go as they were perceived to go no matter the anticipation that we put into them & the planning involved. Sometimes things happen just to test our faith. Sometimes we take too many breaks which end up breaking us.

In those moments it really does not matter what clothes you are wearing or what food you’re eating. It all comes down to essentials. The matters that matter are the the ones that don’t seem to matter at all. I am talking about our mindset. It is nowhere to be seen because it is the very tool that is used to see? is it not ironic?

Knowing it & putting it into practice is one of many sources of Intelligence. Currently the Artificial Intelligence systems that are being developed in one way or another make mistake, learn from the mistakes & self correct then repeat. The point is in re-writing the rules because that is what makes them different than the good old programs that operated mostly on conditions set by the programmer.

Our lives work the exact same way. One can always say, I am not in the right mood for this right now or he can find a way to put himself in the mood perhaps not in the moment but use the knowledge to prepare oneself for the next moment. It is often referred to as the chicken & the egg equation. Which one comes first?

Our inspiration from nowhere or the calling of something we started to accomplish be it even as minor as to have thought of?

One can ask & philosophize to infinity or One can just do.

Do one thing & do it good. The world will become a better place as a result.