Knowledge is not all

Why is that sometimes we do something that we are not supposed to? I grew up in a Muslim country which from early on emphasized on the idea that Satan was always present & he can get under your skin and make you do things. Some people even used this argument as a get out of the jail free card when they were exposed to their so called “sin”.

There is something deep there regardless of one’s religious or spiritual backgrounds. The other day I heard an idea that our thoughts or patterns of thinking can just be regarded as living entities meaning. Considering this to be true, the Satan’s persuasion does not seem so unrealistic. There might just be something at work and different individuals or sources interpret it through their own lens of language.

Steven Pressfield talks about “The Resistance” in his wonderful short book “The war of art”. Although the characteristics of The Resistance & the task of Satan (just for the sake of argument) are not the same but the fact that we give these entities some sort of human qualities are very much alike.

Now let’s put that idea aside & think about the essence of the experience when we are faced with moments where instead of retreat, we advance our way forward. There seems to be an unusual urge for novelty & surprise. In the beginning of a school year we have all the knowledge about exam periods & subjects that are required but we still go out of our ways & repeat the same last minute study routine.

It is false indeed to presume one could discover all the underlying elements of these puzzles while we have no idea about the tools of our perception namely our consciousness. Perhaps that is the very reason why everybody creates or follows a model to “get it done” instead of indulging in questions that might never be answered.


Yesterday I heard an amazing definition about sacrifice from an individual who explained how her mother raised in a way that the mother had a terrible life so that her daughter could have a normal one.

Sacrifice is trading present for the future.

unknown philosopher