Hello world!

Welcome to my personal blog!

I am going to write a blog post everyday. It is going to be challenging because I do not have any significant experience doing so & I am not sure if I can add value everyday however, since it’s a challenge I’ll take it.

First times are always exciting even though during the time we experience them they might not seem so but they are no matter what. First day at school, first kiss, first handwritten alphabet letter & so on. We always remember first times because we do not know whether it’s “first” or “only” time.

The word First has a lot in common with Fear. They both have one syllable and they start sounding the same. Fist also sounds similar to it which can draw a picture of fight or force in our head. Is it me playing with words or words playing with us? What also goes together with this group of words is “fail”.

There is a feeling we have when we are unfamiliar with a subject, a notion that we will never figure it out or find the right path. When we have to take a new route to work or if we have to learn a new subject or a book. It looks impossible to do so because the battle between known (the subject) & unknown (us) is so easily drawn as one sided. The examples are endless but the approach is usually the same.

We all procrastinate. We all waste time. We all have dreams. We all fail a lot. Some of us give up & some don’t. Some of us enjoy our victory so much that we extend our period of celebration & some of us want to win more.