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Ma’DJ is an app that lets you create, share & control playlists with friends in real time. You can check it out for free at :

It is yet in its very early stages so if you find any bugs, issues or if you have any suggestions or feedbacks please do let me know through email :

This is the project that I am the most passionate about. I spend the majority of my time on different aspects of it. I love music and the term “background music” does not mean a thing to me. If you feel the same let me know & I will include you in the early testers so you get to interact with the revolutionary software we are building.


Branding & the UI of the app was done by Ágnes Jekli

Katarzyna Świdnicka & Pooya Panahandeh have generously spent countless hours testing, reviewing & sharing their feedback with me throughout the development & continue to do so.