Learning to learn has become a skill of its own nowadays due to the inefficiencies caused by the factory model of the system of education in almost all countries. People who attended public schools can sympathize with this notion although it does not stop there and goes well beyond private school or even higher education.

Learning becomes obedience in those circumstances. One must obey what one is told because the teacher is out of ideas. The language used to describe these roles do tell us a lot about the ideas behind them. Take “master” for instance, a word used also in relation to slaves or somebody totally other than the one in contrast.

It seems that for someone being good at something it means someone else must be bad at the same thing. For a master to be present in a room, there needs to be pupils so the master is identified easily. It might sound very simple or strange to read these words but if applied to other situations, the insanity could become visible.

Does a good music sound good because the listener has heard a lot of bad music? Or does it sound good regardless? Somewhere in between?