Not enough time

Isn’t it interesting that people who claim to have not enough time or are always busy, do much less than the people who are always active & don’t mention lack of time? I have been obsessed with how great leaders & high achievers organize their time which as a result, they can get so much done. It seems the more you do what you love, the more you have time to spend on it.

Time is always used as a proxy by the person who clearly is not busy to represent their dislike in the matter. I hesitate using the word “lie” or “laziness” because they belong to a more general set of proxies. The concept of not telling the truth or “lie” is considered to be a conscious effort by means of which, the teller of the lie willingly wants to hide the truth. I do not think using time as a proxy is always for certain a lie for the simple reason that the person saying it truly believes their narrative.

I have been victim of this & I know that I did not always lie to not do something or get out of a situation when I expressed my lack of time because the same was true in occasions that were solely about me. One could argue that to tell a good lie, one must believe it first so there is no way to ascertain truth from falsehood but that is expecting too much from the modern man whose attention is so divided & skewed that even to himself intentions & threads of decision making are not clear.