Iteration over Innovation

Apple in 2007 made a revolution by introducing the first iPhone. It went exactly counter to what everybody at the time had perceived a phone should be. Apple’s competitors & the rest of the players in the industry either learned from this move or doubled down on their same as usual operations.

The iPhone kept getting better and more complete after each iteration. In my humble opinion it has reached the peak and the current iterations are just a sign of stagnation of ideas. The whole industry is doing the same even worse than Apple for instance, Samsung not only follows the footsteps of Apple in every design decision but they even make lower tier phones both in terms of hardware & software.

As negative & dark it might sound, this is exactly how the industry looked like pre-iPhone release in early 2000s with the major players being Nokia, Motorola & Microsoft (the latter being the one making “smart phones” at the time). Perhaps this lack of innovation will give rise to a totally new revolutionary idea & product due to the frustrations of the future inventors with the current same old.

It is fascinating that the operating systems for these devices are also stagnate and even more strange, they are bound to a duopoly. There were many companies with very innovative ideas in the early 2010s that attempted to create new operating systems but all of them failed. Firefox OS, WebOS, WindowsPhone & perhaps many more that we are not aware of. Nobody is asking the question that why the status quo must be so and if one does, the answers are given with a a lot of attention to the fact that it is “obvious” or “simple” to understand why.

Have we already found the best OS & hardware for our phones? we do not have to innovate more because the status quo is “working” & generating revenue? Until when people are going to buy the same phones year after year with minimal increase in specs?