Colored Glasses & Heads of Gears

One experiences life through the lens of his prior experiences. One also defines new experiences based on the knowledge received from past experiences. There’s one dominant experience in every adult’s life that has the biggest value. We call it work or profession, an activity valued by the society.

Last paragraph is the testament to to the fact that a information technologist describes the world & people in terms of statements , operations & outcome. There needs to be no surprise if every inconsistency or abnormality seem like a problem to solve to a person who solves problems for a living.

Can we differentiate the way we experience certain stuff from the way we experience others or are we wearing our colored glasses at all times? Are there shades of each color depending on every experience or do we see them all the same & are not even aware of it like a fish in relation to water?

These questions might sound so simple or at times even absurd but I need to ask them anyways. There are some people who use the same questions & narrative to prove their pre-existing conclusion. Politicians fall into this category not problem solvers.

The realm in which a group of individuals wander around this topic is one of great risk & danger because if applied to other aspects of one’s life, it can sound deterministic or bigoted. If proven true that a person is always wearing glasses of his profession & through its lens observes the world, can it not be extended to one’s nationality, color of skin or race?

I am not asking those questions or connecting the dots & in fact I am exploring these new ideas as they appear however, I am very well aware that a simple equation when proven true can be applied to bigger or more complex assertions.

Do we have multiple mindsets & perspective when we experience things or do we experience multiple things with the same mindset & perspective? somewhere in between?

You be the judge.