Advanced Cars

Once there was a time when making products out of ideas used to require huge amount of time & resources due to the unadvanced tools & research that were present at the time. If a person had a good idea it meant making it into a product would require far more creativity & determination however, because this person was the first mover in that domain it meant the rewards & recognition for the product would have been much higher than a present time.

At the same time people who were looking for a shortcut or looking to make a quick profit observed this & time after time we read about stealing ideas. Once the domain in question was established and some tools & standards were set in place, the stealing became less likely to happen.

Let’s take car manufacturing industry for a moment. In its early time (100 or more years ago) it was absolutely difficult to make a car if not impossible. A small improvement in every level of this process would have made a huge impact so there were a lot of “inspiration” & copy cats for the other players involved.

This fact was always visible to the individuals involved therefore they used patents and copyright laws that were made as a protection against intellectual property theft.

Now come back to today, there are not so many new innovations left to be done to a car & the rate of production is much faster & cheaper compared to the early days. There is nothing to be done in terms of linguistic rules for instance, we would refer to a car as an “advanced horse”. We could do if we are talking to a person without any pre-conception about cars however, using terms like “advanced car” only limits our imagination to find out what can be possible. Where is the “horse” in “car” (advanced horse) and where would be “car” in “advanced car” if we really consider this comparison?

We need new terms, ideas & concepts.